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Subscriber Soft & Hard Bounces Explained

Posted on Tuesday, February 4th, 2014.

There are two types of bounces, (Hard and  Soft), that are generated by our system. We will briefly explain what their meaning:

Hard Bounce

A hard bounce indicates there is a permanent reason an email cannot be delivered.

The reasons for the non-delivery include:

a. email address has changed so no longer exists
b. domain name does not exist
c. the email address contains errors (typos)
d. email recipient’s mail server has blocked your email/server

Hard Bounce Process

With Mobilize Mail your hard bounced email addresses are removed automatically from your mailing list and are marked as “unsubscribed”.  When you enter the ‘manage existing subscriber’ area in your account you can see the total number of ‘unsubscribed’ email addresses – click on that number to view the email addresses.

Soft Bounce

A soft bounce typically indicates there was a delivery issue at the time your email was sent. The issue maybe temporary.

The main reasons for soft bounces include:

a. Mailbox is full (over quota)
b. Recipient email server is down, offline or swamped with messages
c. Recipient email server has blocked your message as your Spam score is too high

Soft Bounce Process

Mobilize Mail allows 5 soft bounces for an email address  (i.e. you have 5 attempts to send an eDM to the email address if the 5th attempt still failed to deliver the email message  Mobilize Mail will  convert the soft bounce to a hard bounce and mark the email address as unsubscribe.  (See process for managing Hard Bounces)

Viewing Bounce Reports

To view the bounces of your eDM campaigns, click into the Statistics section and select the eDM message.

Then on the bounces tab (as seen in the image below) and you will see the bounce type and the bounce message. You can then click on “edit” to view the reason for this bounce.


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