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Subscriber Opt-In Reconfirmation Process

Posted on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018.

The purpose of this help guide is to provide the process for an opt-in reconfirmation email campaign that can be delivered to all or a selection of current subscribers in your Mobilize Mail account.

The reconfirmation function is now available as an option when sending any email campaign.  This allows you to add in the tag within an eDM that is communicating something else.  You might like to send a newsletter email and ask for the reconfirmation. You’d add reconfirm tag to capture their ‘opt in’ status again at the beginning of your email so they don’t miss it.  The tag can be added more than once within the email too.

The Opt-In Reconfirmation Process:

1. Create an email message (eDM) with a reconfirmation tag in the content [%mm_reconfirm_link%].  The image below shows the type of link (URL) and the protocol (other).  All you need to do is append this tag on hyperlink text.  The text could be:  Reconfirm your opt-in to our newsletters.

2.  You can also use the system tag in the Editor (reconfirm link).  To do this, highlight the word you want to hyperlink and then click on the “link” tab and select the reconfirm link.

3.  Like with any other email campaign once you’ve created your eDM, it’s time to select the list of subscribers the email is to be sent to.  Or you may have created mailing list criteria to send the eDM to a target group of subscribers within your email list.

4.  Once you’ve chosen the list and clicked through to the delivery page – scheduling the email campaign so the reconfirmation tag works requires a checking of the “reconfirm subscription” checkbox.

5. If the ​reconfirm subscription​ checkbox has been selected and the message content does not contain the [%mm_reconfirm_link%] a warning message will appear when you attempt to send the email campaign that the link is not present in the message source. The email campaign will not be sent until the tag is added to the message content.

6. When an email campaign has been delivered where the ​reconfirm subscription has been checked, ​ALL ​subscribers who have been selected to receive the email will have their subscriber record updated to ‘unconfirmed’. NOTE: only the ‘confirmed status’ is updated, to unconfirmed on the subscribers current mailing list subscriptions until the subscriber clicks the link in the email.  All historical data within the subscriber record is NOT altered.


7. When a subscriber has been sent a reconfirmation email their history log will add the following entry.

8. When the subscriber receives the reconfirmation email and clicks the reconfirmation link (generated by the [%mm_reconfirm_link%] tag); the subscriber’s record will have the confirmed status updated to ‘true’.

NOTE: you can update the subscribers record manually if required, by checking the “confirmed” option and clicking the “save” button and in their history the following entry will be present.

Measurement & Statistics

For this reconfirmation process we have added measurement and statistics for your perusal. We recommend reviewing the statistics regularly to identify who on your list has reconfirmed their subscription.



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