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How to stop your email subscriptions from ending up in the Spam Folder

Posted on Sunday, May 26th, 2013.

If you are finding that emails you have subscribed to receive e.g. newsletters or product updates are ending up in your SPAM folder then follow these steps below.

NOTE: If you are using other email clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird to collect your email you still need to follow these steps. Trying to stop the emails ending up in the SPAM folder must be done within your online XTRA account.

Login into you account at

Navigate to the SPAM folder.


Highlight the legitimate email in the SPAM folder by clicking on the associated checkbox. Then click the ‘Not SPAM’ button in the toolbar. The email will move to the Inbox.


Now its important you add this email sender to your contact list to make sure XTRA does not place the next email from the sender into the SPAM folder again. To do this locate the email you just marked as not SPAM in your Inbox. Place your mouse over the email and right click on your mouse. This will present a context menu. From the menu items select “Add Sender to Contacts”. A dialog box will appear. Make any changes you wish to the information presented then click the “Save” button to add the sender to your contacts list.


If you find that XTRA is still sending the emails to the SPAM folder you will need to add a “Filter” to force XTRA to have the email appear in your Inbox. Follow the steps below.

1) Move the email back to the Inbox and click the checkbox associated to the email.
2) Click on the option “Filter emails like this…” in the “Actions” button located on the toolbar.


3) The “Add Filter” dialog box will appear. Locate the “Then move the message to” option and select “Inbox”.


4) Click the “Save” button to save the changes. This will force XTRA to keep the senders emails in your Inbox.

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