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How to add a mailing list segment

Posted on Monday, January 7th, 2013.

To add a mailing segment to your account follow the steps below:

1. Log into your account.
2. From the main menu click the “Subscribers” icon.


3. Within the Subscribers section click “Mailing Lists” then “Add Mailing List Criteria”.

Mobilize Mail Email Marketing Dashboard

4. The next page will list all the mailing lists within your account and any existing segments that have been set up. To add a new segment locate the mailing list that the segment will query, type in a name for the segment and click the associated “Add Segment” button. NOTE: the name of the segment is only for your reference – subscribers will not see any information on segments.


5. The next page will display the Segment Builder tool that allows you to add “Rules” to your segment. NOTE: You can have as many rules as you want but we recommend less than 3 rules as the more rules you add the more complex your segment will be and could select unwanted subscribers.

6. To add a rule select from the rule field list a subscriber field that the rule will be applied to and click the “Add Rule” button. The page will refresh and you will see a new line (see image) that contains a rule conditional list and a text box. This is where you build the rule to execute against the field you selected which, for our example, was the email subscriber field.


7. In our example we selected the email address subscriber field because we want to create a segment that locates all subscribers with a address. The image below shows that was entered into the rule text box and the “Contains” option was selected for the rule type. The “Save & Refresh Count” button was then clicked which updated the subscriber count number on the right hand side. This count shows the total amount of subscribers located within the mailing list based on the current rule set.


8. A rule can have an “OR” conditional for example “Email address contains OR“. To add an “OR” conditional to the current rule click the “Add another “or” condition. Once done click the “Save & Refresh Count” to get an updated subscriber count. In the image below notice that the subscriber count went from 147 to 156 due to the additional or the “OR” conditional.


9. So far we have create 1 rule with with two conditions that represent “select all subscribers in the current mailing list that have either or within their email address”. Now we will add an additional rule to the segment to search for subscribers who also have “David” within the “First Name” subscriber field. To add the new rule to the segment select “First Name” from the rule field list and click the “Add Rule” button.

10. Now select “Equals” from the rule type select box as we want an exact match of “David” for the First Name subscriber field then enter “David” in the rule text box and click “Save & Refresh Count” button.


11. The subscriber count has now been reduced to 2. The rule set represents this query: “select all subscribers withing the current mailing list that have either OR AND have David in their First Name subscriber field“.

12. You can add more rules or “OR” conditionals to rules within the segment but we recommend you do not exceed 3 rules within a segment.

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